French 2 Course Expectations

French 2
Course Expectations
Mme. Tice

 Materials required:

French/English Dictionary to be brought to class when requested.

- Notebook or loose leaf binder for class notes and a folder with pockets for teacher handouts. Notebook should have 2 or 3 sections – class notes, vocabulary and homework/exercises.

- Blue or Black pens– no other colors nor pencils are acceptable for assignments or quizzes/tests that are handed in.

- Covers for textbooks

Textbooks must be covered.

Materials must be brought to class everyday, including pens.

 The Course:

 The purpose of this course is to continue the study of a foreign language, to further prepare the students to compete and cooperate in the international arena, to promote multi-cultural understanding and to build intellectual achievement because a language cannot be separated from its culture.

 The course is designed to build upon the basics of the language introduced in level 1. Communication is the ultimate goal. This will include vocabulary, grammar, cultures, conversation and proper pronunciation, with an emphasis on vocabulary enrichment. The student will gain proficiency in the skills of speaking, listening and reading. Language fluency is a lifetime job, whether we are speaking of our native language or a foreign one. Creativity and loss of inhibition in speaking will be fostered, as well as an appreciation of the culture.


 imitation and repetition: either teacher modeled drills or taped speakers, both as a group and individually

  • - -presentation of vocabulary and grammar
  • written and oral exercises
  • homework, particularly vocabulary drills and computer assignments
  • cultural discussions using the chapter segments
  • teacher handouts designed to supplement the text


Grades will be based on:

 Regular quizzes on vocabulary and lesson material

  • Homework – either oral or written
  • Several major tests per quarter
  • Class participation (including conduct).
  • Computer assignments
  • All grades will be on a point system with the final grade based on the total number of points obtained versus the number of points possible.

If a student is absent the day before a test or quiz, the student will be expected to take the test as scheduled, since at least two to three days notice is given prior to testing. If the student is absent the day of the test or quiz, the student will be expected to take the test/quiz upon returning to school. Particularly, since the textbook is available on line, no excuse of a forgotten book is acceptable at any time.

All work must be made up within 5 days. Any work not made up within that timeframe will receive a "0" for that assessment.

Special projects may be assigned from time to time. All such assignments must be handed in on time. Each day that an assignment is late will carry a penalty of 5-point deduction from the final grade on that assignment. In the case of an absence, provisions must be made to complete the assignment and hand it in on time.

Missing written homework assignments will also affect the grade average. Homework assignments may not be made up unless the student is absent when the material is corrected in class. All quizzes, tests and projects will be collected and kept in a folder in the classroom. There will be periodic checks of workbooks and notebooks.

 All workbooks and textbooks will be collected after finals at the end of the year. Textbooks must be returned in good condition. Any lost or damaged text or workbook must be replaced.

 Students are expected to abide by the Bethlehem Catholic Student Handbook and all the rules and regulations contained therein.


Cheating of any sort will not be tolerated in class. This includes but is not limited to copying of homework assignments, talking during a test or quiz, copying another student’s answers during a test or quiz or using “cheat sheets” of any kind. Please refer to the attached Academic Honor Code.

 Bethlehem Catholic High School Honor Code

 I am the way, the truth, and the life.

-John 14:6

The Purpose

The Honor Code is based on the belief that true learning depends on honesty. Bethlehem Catholic High School functions on the basis of mutual trust and respect among all members of the community. As a result, students are expected to demonstrate integrity and individual responsibility, both personally and academically, in order to maintain a fair and honest environment. Students who commit themselves to upholding Bethlehem Catholic’s honor code will be instilled with a sense of honor and integrity that will last beyond their high school years.

Affirmation of Honesty

On my honor, I affirm that the work I submit is my own and that I have neither received nor given unauthorized help on this test, project, or assignment. Nor will I tolerate those who do.

This will be posted in all classrooms.


Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

  • Will support Bethlehem Catholic in its goal of helping students to grow in moral values by encouraging academic honesty in my child.
  • Will provide clear communication between home and school.
  • Regardless of agreement, they will respect the actions taken by the school.


    Faculty/Administrator Responsibilities

  • Will support Bethlehem Catholic in its goal of helping students to grow in moral values by encouraging academic honesty in my students.
  • Will be vigilant in maintaining an environment conducive to academic honesty (display, review, uphold honor code).
  • Will provide clear communication between home and school.


    Student Responsibilities

  • Help establish an academic environment where all members of the school community view academic honesty as socially acceptable.
  • To uphold and sustain academic integrity at Bethlehem Catholic High School by serving as an example to all students.
  • Will be accountable for both my personal and academic actions and understand that they are my own.
  • Will be accountable for both social and academic endeavors in and outside of the classroom.
  • Regardless of agreement, I will respect the actions taken by the school.

 Explanation of Honor Code

While a member of the Bethlehem Catholic Community, each student is expected to conduct himself/herself with integrity and to uphold the honor code. Though not exhaustive, the following represent examples of actions, which violate the honor code:

 Cheating: Copying work or giving your own work to another; unauthorized use of study aids or collaboration during testing; obtaining or distributing copies of testing materials; giving or receiving information regarding a test before, during, or after the test.

  • Plagiarism: Representing others' ideas or expressions, whether knowingly or unknowingly, as your own without proper citation of credit.

Falsifying data/citations: Buying, selling, giving, sharing or receiving term papers, notebooks, or other acts that allow for falsely taking credit, from any source, including the Internet.

 Purposeful misuse of electronic media: Improper use of cell phones, translators, graphing calculators, etc.

 Lying to an administrator or teacher: Lying during inquiries of academic dishonesty.

 Academic Sanctions for Honor Code Violations for:

 Tests, Quizzes, Papers, and Projects

1st Offense

  1. Student receives a 0 for assignment with no opportunity for make-up.
  2. Teacher notifies parent.
  3. Teacher notifies administration.

2nd Offense

  1. Student receives a 0 for assignment with no opportunity for make-up.
  2. Parent, teacher, administration, and student conference
  3. Student must relinquish any/all leadership positions (e.g. class or club officer, athletic captain) for the remainder of that school year.

Subsequent Offenses

In addition to the above consequences, a student could be ineligible for any future leadership positions at Bethlehem Catholic High School, and/or disenrollment from the school.

Further, as always, with administrative approval, a quarter grade below 60 is possible.

Academic Sanctions for Honor Code Violations for Homework:

Student receives a 0 for assignment with no opportunity for make-up.


Mme. Tice can be available before and after school for some additional clarifications with a minimum of one-day advance notice. Names of private tutors can also be provided. Please contact me by e-mail rather than phone, whenever possible for the most efficient communication.

Parent/Student Acceptance Form

We have read and accept the French 2 Course Expectations as well as the Student Handbook information and the academic honor code attached. We will undertake the course with the seriousness required, and are aware of the consequences when the student does not comply with these policies


Student signature_________________________________Date_________________


Parent/Guardian signature _________________________Date__________

 Parent e-mail address where I may contact you:_____________________